Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Apple crumbles (23/2/16) (25/2/16)


Yesterday a group of kids in my class went to the staff room kitchen to make apple crumbles. Over all they made 18. Then another group from our class sold the apple crumbles after school for $5.00. The crowd was busy and we sold all the apple crumbles. My mum got an apple crumble and my family and I ate it for dessert. She served it with homemade yogurt and hockey pockey ice cream. I felt great because it was so delicious. Today it's my turn to make apple crumbles and I really hope mum gets one today as well.


Yesterday was my turn to sell the apple crumbles, and luckily mum bought one. They were $5.00 each. The apple crumbles were getting sold at a great speed. They were gone in no time. When I had dinner that night I was daydreaming about the crumbles. The apple crumbles were so delicious that I wish we had bought two. Unfortunately for me that was the last day we were selling the apple crumbles.

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