Monday, 23 May 2016

Blog diary


WALT: recorded events and our reaction to them on our blogs.

We do cross country every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. At home I run the dog around the block every day so that I can get faster. The real cross country is this Thursday. I hope it's not going to be too rainy.

On Wednesdays we make lemonade and sell it. I always bring one dollar to school because Katelyn and Aishlings mums forgot to give them the money.

It's my birthday on the 16th of June.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Term two's first week.


Dearest Blog

On Monday, we made golipoli in the sandpit where World War One took place. We collected one hundred red sticks and one hundred green. The green ones were the Anzac army and the red ones were the Turkish army on top of the mountains of golipoli. The Anzac army was supposed to come at night but one man mucked it up and came in the morning.